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An Action Relating to Budget and Finance Committee, Resources and Development Committee, Naabik’íyáti' Committee and Navajo Nation Council; Allocating $2,644,380.00 from the Sihasin Fund to the Division of Community Development for the Purchase of Fire Trucks and Ambulances for the Ganado Fire District; Adopting the Sihasin Ganado Fire District Emergency Vehicle Expenditure Plan Pusuant to 12 N.N.C. §§ 2501 - 2508
Legislation Description
The purpose of this resolution is to approve $2,644,380.00 in Sihasin funding for the purchase of emergency vehicles for the Ganado Fire District.
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02/24/2021, 11:22 am Valentina Redhorse 0023-21.pdf
02/18/2021, 06:34 pm Valentina Redhorse 0023-21.pdf