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Resolution Number
Legislation Number
Legislation Title
An Action Relating to Resources and Development; Amending RDCD-124-17 to Increase Acreage of Reach 10 - Pumping Plant No. 7, Navajo Gallup Water Supply Project Located on Tribal Trust Lands in Twin Lakes Chapter (McKinley County, New Mexico)
Legislation Description
The purpose of this legislation is to amend RDCD-124-17 to increase the acreage of the Navajo Gallup Water Supply Project (NGWSP) Reach 10, Pumping Plant No. 7 site from 5.35 acres to 10.39 acres on, over and across Navajo Nation Trust Lands in McKinley County, New Mexico.
Date Uploaded By Document Title
09/03/2020, 04:41 pm Julissa Johnson RDCS-34-20.pdf