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An Act Relating to Law and Order, Resources and Development, and Naabik'iyati' Committees and Navajo Nation Council; Asserting Sovereignty and taking over primary regulatory authority from the Federal Government, Office of Surface Mining Lands Located On the Navajo Nation, enacting a Waiver of Sovereign Immunity; and establishing new sections in Title 18 at 18 N.N.C. §§ 1701 et. seq.
Legislation Description
The purpose of this resolution is to enact the Navajo Nation Surface Coal Mining Program Act, establishing new Navajo Nation Code sections 18 N.N.C. §§1701 et. seq. This enactment will provide for the regulation, inspection and enforcement of surface coal mining and reclamation operations on Navajo Nation lands by the Navajo Minerals Department, specifically the Surface Coal Mining Program. If this legislation is passed, the Navajo Nation will be the first, and possibly the only, American Indian Nation to obtain primacy over surface coal mining and reclamation.
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