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Resolution Number
Legislation Number
Legislation Title
An Action Relating to Health, Education and Human Services; Amending the Navajo Nation Personnel Policies Manual, Sec. X.B.3.c.1-4, Administrative Investigatory Leave Without Pay, Extending Investigatory Leave from five days to twenty days; adding Sec.B.3.d, 1-3, Leave Without Pay regarding investigations concerning alleged financial misconduct or misuse of Government Property
Legislation Description
This resolution will amend the Navajo Nation Personnel Policies Manual, Section X.B.c. (1)-(4) and add Section X.B.d. (1)-(3) to the Navajo Nation Personnel Policies Manual.
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11/05/2018, 10:21 am MNez ADMIN HEHSCO-22-18.pdf
09/13/2018, 11:01 am MNez ADMIN 0301-18.pdf
09/13/2018, 10:59 am MNez ADMIN 0301-18.pdf
09/10/2018, 08:10 am MNez ADMIN 0301-18.pdf
09/07/2018, 03:38 pm MNez ADMIN 0301-18.pdf