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Legislation Number
Legislation Title
An Action Relating to the Law and Order, Health, Education, and Human Services, and Budget and Finance Committees; Amending the FY2023 Budget Instructions Manual to Implement Salary Schedule “BS” for Department of Criminal Investigations Civilian Employees and Salary Schedule “BZ” for Clinical Licensed Emergency Medical Services Employee Positions, and to Provide for the FY2023 General Wage Adjustments of 5%
Legislation Description
to approve amendments to the FY2023 BIM to: 1) implement Salary Schedule “BS” for DCI civilian employees, 2) implement Salary Schedule “BZ” for EMS employees, 3) and provide for the FY2023 5% GWA approved in NNC Resolution No. CS-42-22.
Date Uploaded By Document Title
01/11/2023, 01:30 pm Julissa Johnson BFD-49-22.pdf