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An Action Relating to Budget and Finance and Naabik’íyáti' Committees, and Navajo Nation Council; Establishing the Navajo Nation Fiscal Recovery Fund and the Expenditure Authorization Process Thereunder; Waiving Certain Provisions of the Navajo Nation Appropriations Act; Amending 12 N.N.C. § 334 to Authorize Emergency Procurements; Authorizing Reimbursement of the Síhasin Fund and Undesignated Unreserved Fund Balance; Authorizing Central Support and Regulatory Cost Funding; Authorizing Funding to Complete Defunded Navajo Nation CARES Fund Expenditure Plans; Authorizing the Establishment of a Navajo Nation Fiscal Recovery Fund Office Within the Office of the President and Vice-President
Legislation Description
This resolution, if approved, will establish the Navajo Nation Fiscal Recovery Fund (NNFRF) and the application process thereunder; waiving application of certain provisions of the Appropriations Act to NNFRF funding; deem NNFRF procurements as emergency procurements to expedite the procurement process; authorize reimbursement of Síhasin Fund and UUFB allocations and appropriations; fund central support and regulatory costs upfront to establish the legal, financial and regulatory infrastructure necessary to support NNFRF Expenditure Plans; fund CARES Fund projects that were approved but not completed; and authorize the establishment of a NNFRF Office.
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03/24/2022, 05:32 pm Julissa Johnson CJY-41-21(1).PDF