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An Action Relating to Law and Order Committee; Approving Rules and Regulations Governing Delegation of Authority from the Law and Order Committee to the Judicial Conduct Commission on the Screening of Applicants and Recommendations for Probationary Appointment of Judges and Justices; Approving Delegation of Authority as set forth at 2 N.N.C. §§ 601 (B)(7) and (B)(&)(a); Amending the Plan of Operation for the Judicial Conduct Commission
Legislation Description
This bill will approve rules and regulations on delegating authority of the Law and Order Committee over the screening of applicants for Navajo Nation judges and justices of the Navajo Supreme Court. This action also delegates the committee's authority over recommending applicants to the President of the Navajo Nation for probationary appointment. These delegations of authority will be given to the Judicial Conduct Commission. To ensure consistency, the Commission's Plan of Operation will be amended through the same bill to reflect the new rules and regulations and the delegations provided.
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11/15/2018, 10:42 am MNez ADMIN LOCS-19-18.pdf