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An Action Relating To Resources And Development Committee; Approving The Grant Of Right-Of-Way To McKinley County Roads Department For Upgrading, Maintaining, And Operating the Existing Roadway, Culverts And Ditches On “Manuelito Canyon Drive, “Navajo Route 7043/County route 4 Located On Navajo nation Trust Lands In Manuelito Chapter, Navajo Nation (McKinley County, New Mexico)
Legislation Description
Approving the Grant of Right-of-Way to McKinley County Roads Department, to upgrade, maintain, and operate the existing roadway, culverts and ditches on Manuelito Canyon Drive, Navajo Route 7043/County Route 4 located on, over and across Navajo Nation Trust Lands in Manuelito Chaper, Navajo Nation (McKinley County, New Mexico).
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