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Legislation Number
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An Action Relating to an Emergency; Extending the Time for a Limited Waiver of Sovereign Immunity to Allow the Navajo Nation to be Sued in Federal District Court Regarding Compliance with the National Environmental Protection Act in Carrying Out the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development Grants and Authorizing the President of the Navajo Nation to be the Certifying Tribal Official to Execute Form 7015.15 through September 30, 2025
Legislation Description
This resolution, if approved, will approve the extension of a limited waiver of sovereign immunity to allow the Navajo Nation to be sued in Federal District Court regarding compliance with NEPA in carrying out HUD grants and also approve the Navajo Nation President to sign Form 7015.15 through September 30, 2025.
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08/16/2022, 01:56 pm Julissa Johnson CJY-39-22.PDF