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Resolution Number
Legislation Number
Legislation Title
An Action Relating to the Resources and Development Committee; Approving a Budget Revision Request from the Navajo Environmental Protection Agency (“NEPA”) to Move Funds from the Navajo Nation’s Hazardous Substances Fund to the Phase 2 Trustee Established Under the Phase 2 Settlement Agreement with the United States that Governs 46 Orphan Abandoned Uranium Mine Sites on the Navajo Nation
Legislation Description
The purpose of the resolution is to approve the Navajo EPA’s Budget Revision Request of $102,862.78 from the Phase 1 Trust account to the Phase 2 Trust account, to comply with the Phase 2 Settlement Agreement with the United States, which Agreement governs the continued cleanup of 46 orphan abandoned uranium sites on the Navajo Nation.
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07/11/2024, 03:37 pm Jamie Vandever RDCJY-31-24.pdf