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Resolution Number
Legislation Number
Legislation Title
An Action Relating to Naabik’íyáti’ Committee; Approving the Speaker’s Appointments of Members to the Navajo-Hopi Land Commission
Legislation Description
The purpose of the resolution is to approve the Speaker’s appointment of nine Navajo nation council Delegates to serve on the Navajo-Hopi Land Commission. The resolution would approve the appointment of: 1. Honorable Elmer P. Begay 2. Honorable Kee Allen Begay, Jr. 3. Honorable Paul Begay 4. Honorable Herman M. Daniels 5. Honorable Vince R. James 6. Honorable Raymond Smith, Jr. 7. Honorable Otto Tso 8. Honorable Thomas Walker, Jr. 9. Honorable Jimmy Yellowhair
Date Uploaded By Document Title
03/12/2019, 10:11 am Leona Begay NABIF-08-19.pdf