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An Action Relating to the Health, Education and Human Services and Naabik'iyati' Committees; Supporting the Implementation of the Tribal Remedy Framework to Address Educational Transformation to Meet the Needs of Indigenous Students Attending the State of New Mexico Public Schools; Supporting the Reintroduction or Similar Versions of the New Mexico House Bills Titled the Native Language Education Unit, Yazzie Lawsuit Response Funding, Native American Library, Internet & Education, and Yazzie Lawsuit Higher Ed. Funding; Supporting Any Future New Mexico House Bills Related to theTribal Remedy Framework in Future State Legislative Sessions.
Legislation Description
This resolution, if adopted, will support the implementation of the Tribal Remedy Framework to address educational transformation to meet the needs of Indigenous students attending the State of New Mexico public schools. This resolution also supports any New Mexico House Bills related to the Tribal Remedy Framework.
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09/02/2021, 07:13 pm Valentina Redhorse NABIAU-27-21.pdf