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An Act Relating To The Law And Order Committee, Health, Education And Human Services Committee, Naabik’íyáti’ Committee And The Navajo Nation Council; Adopting The “Accessible Public Restrooms Act”; Establishing The Requirement For All Navajo Nation Government And Public Service Providers To Provide Clearly Indicated Accessible Public Restrooms Amending The Navajo Nation Code, Title 13, Chapter 53; Adding New Sections 4501, 4502, 4503, And 4504
Legislation Description
If approved, this resolution will establish the requirement for all Navajo Nation Government and public service provider buildings to provide clearly indicated accessible public restrooms to the general public. This resolution will further amend the Navajo Nation Code Title 13, Chapter 53, adding new sections 4501, 4502, 4503, and 4504
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07/08/2019, 08:13 am Leona Begay 0174-19.pdf
07/02/2019, 01:54 pm Leona Begay 0174-19.pdf