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An Action Relating to an Emergency for the Navajo Nation Council; Approving Supplemental Funding from the Unreserved, Undesignated Fund Balance in the Amount of One Million Nine Hundred Eighty-Five Thousand Two Hundred Ninety-Six Dollars and Eighty-Three Cents ($1,985,296.83) for the 2021 Transmission Charge for the Navajo Nation's Use of Five Hundred (500) Megawatts of Electricity Pursuant to the Navajo Generating Station Extension Lease and Underlying Transmission Agreement with the Bureau of Reclamation; Waiving 12 N.N.C. §§ 820 (E), (F), and (J)
Legislation Description
The purpose of this resolution is to approve a supplemental appropriation to the United States Bureau of Reclamation.
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12/30/2020, 10:34 am Julissa Johnson CD-93-20.PDF