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Resolution Number
Legislation Number
Legislation Title
An Action Relating to Budget and Finance Committee, Naabik’íyáti’ Committee and Navajo Nation Council; Recapturing and Reallocating Navajo Nation Fiscal Recovery Fund (“NNFRF”) Expenditure Plans; Obligating Revenue Replacement Funding in a Committed Fund Balance within the General Fund; Amending Certain Sections of CJY-41-21, CJN-29-22 and CD-62-21
Legislation Description
If adopted, this legislation will recapture (also known as claw-back) $744,581,583 of unobligated and unexpected NNFRF funds; reallocate (1) $521,857,353 of the recaptured funds to the General Fund for Revenue Replacement purposes, with the remaining recaptured funds reallocated to NNFRF Wastewater Treatment facilities, additional NNFRF housing, and NNFRF personnel. The legislation also prioritizes the allocation of the Revenue Replacement General Funds to the Delegate Region Projects that were deemed unobligated under NNFRF.
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06/17/2024, 12:23 pm Julissa Johnson CMY-28-24.pdf