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Resolution Number
Legislation Number
Legislation Title
An Act Relating to Law and Order, Resources and Development, Naabik'iyati' Committees; Adopting "The Navajo Gaming Ordinance Amendment Act of 2018" Amending 5 N.N.C. §2001 Et. Seq., Navajo Gaming Ordinance
Legislation Description
The purpose of this legislation is to update the Navajo Gaming Ordinance, 5 N.N.C. § 2001 et. seq., to incorporate mandatory federal law requirements, mandatory compact provisions within the Navajo Nation-Arizona gaming compact and Navajo Nation-New Mexico gaming compact, provisions for potential internet gaming and sports betting, employee and vendor licensing updates, Navajo law updates, and to clean up grammatical and spelling errors. Upon approval by the Navajo Nation, in accordance with federal law, the amendments must be submitted to National Indian Gaming Commission for final approval.
Date Uploaded By Document Title
12/27/2018, 06:22 pm MNez ADMIN CO-76-18.pdf