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Legislation Number
Legislation Title
An Action Relating To Law And Order; Recommending The Removal Of Herb Yazzie As Chief Justice Of The Navajo Nation; Specifying The Grounds For Recommended Removal Of Herb Yazzie As Navajo Nation Chief Justice Pursuant To 7 N.N.C. § 352 And Other Related Sections; Recommending A Special Navajo Nation Council Chief Justice; Recommending That A Notice Of Special Session Of Navajo Nation Council Be Sent To The Chief Justice Herb Yazzie With The Allegations Warranting Removal
Legislation Description
This resolution, if approved, will recommend removal of Herb Yazzie as Chief Justice; specify grounds for removal; recommend a special session of the Navajo Nation Council to consider removal; and recommend notice of the allegations be send to Herb Yazzie.
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01/02/2019, 10:24 am MNez ADMIN 4. LOCM-04-15.pdf