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An Action Relating To Law And Order, Budget And Finance And Naabik'iyati' Committees; Approving And Authorizing A Contract Between The Navajo Nation And The United States Department Of The Interior Under 25 U.S.C. 450 Et Seq. (P.L. 93-638, As Amended), For Navajo Nation Judicial Branch; Approving And Authorizing The Navajo Nation Judicial Branch Tribal Courts Fiscal Year 2017 Annual Funding Agreement And Scope Of Work For The Period Of The Contract Term
Legislation Description
The purpose of this legislation is to approve and authorize a contract between the Navajo Nation and the United States Department of Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs for the Navajo Nation Judicial Branch Tribal Courts.
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01/11/2019, 02:19 pm MNez ADMIN 0371-16.pdf