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Legislation Number
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An Act Relating to the Resources and Development, Law and Order, Budget and Finance, and Naabik’íyáti’ Committees, and to the Navajo Nation Council; Approving $1,500,000 from the HOT/Tourism Fund for the Navajo Tourism Department, Amending 24 N.N.C. § 741 to Allow Revenue in the HOT/Tourism Fund to be Used by All Navajo Nation Programs for Tourism-Related Purposes, and Rescinding Resolution No. CS-45-22
Legislation Description
to approve $1,500,000 for the Tourism Department from the Hotel Occupancy Tax/Tourism Fund (“HOT/Tourism Fund”), to amend the HOT/Tourism Fund statute at 24 N.N.C. § 741 to allow revenue to be used by all Navajo Nation programs for tourism-related purposes, and to rescind the previous resolution on the same issue, CS-45-22.
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05/08/2023, 10:41 am Julissa Johnson CAP-16-23.pdf