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Legislation Number
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An Action Relating to Resources and Development, Budget and Finance, and Naabik’íyáti’ Committees, and the Navajo Nation Council; Amending CAP-19-16 to Transfer the Responsibility and Permanent Trust Fund Interest Funding for the Shiprock Hotel Restaurant Project From the Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise to the Navajo Nation Hospitality Enterprise; Allocating $11,400,000 from the Síhasin Fund to the Navajo Nation Hospitality Enterprise for the Shiprock Hotel-Restaurant Project and Approving the NNHE’S Shiprock Hotel Restaurant Project Expenditure Plan Pursuant to 12 N.N.C. §§2501-2508
Legislation Description
Purpose of this Legislation: To Amend CAP-19-16 to Transfer Responsibility and Allocated PTF Funds for the Shiprock Hotel and Restaurant Project from NNGE to NNHE; to Allocate an Additional $11,400,000 of Síhasin Funds to NNHE for the Project and Approve the Project Expenditure Plan.
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08/08/2022, 05:28 pm Julissa Johnson CJY-31-22.PDF