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An Act Relating to Resources and Development, Budget and Finance, Law and Order, and Naabik’íyáti’ Committees, and the Navajo Nation Council; Allocating $900,000 from the Navajo Nation Tourism Fund (24 N.N.C § 741) to the Division of Economic Development/Tourism Department to Cover the Tourism Department’s Personnel and Operating Expenses for the Remainder of FY2022; Amending 24 N.N.C. § 741(B) to Allow All Revenue in the Tourism Fund to be Used by any and All Navajo Nation Programs for Tourism-Related Purposes
Legislation Description
To allocate $900,000 out of the HOT/Tourism Fund to the Division of Economic Development/Tourism Department to cover the Department’s personnel and operating costs for the remainder of FY2022; amending the Hotel Occupancy Tax statute to allow all HOT revenue to be used by all Navajo Nation programs for tourism-related purposes – the amendment removes the current statutory restriction that HOT revenue from Navajo Tribal Parks can only be used by the Navajo Parks and Recreation Department.
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10/17/2022, 05:08 pm Julissa Johnson CS-45-22.PDF