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Legislation Number
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An Action Relating To Resources and Development Committee; Approving The Grant Of Right-Of-Way To Jemez Mountain Electric Cooperative, INC. To Construct, Operate And Maintain the Beyale Camp 14.4 KV Single Phase Powerline Project Located On Navajo Nation Trust Lands In Nageezi Chapter, Navajo Nation (San Juan County, New Mexico)
Legislation Description
Approving the Grant of Right-of-Way to the grant of right-of-way to Jemez Mountain Electric Cooperative, Inc., to construct, operate and maintain the Beyale Camp 14.4 kV electric powerline on, over and across Navajo Nation Trust Lands in Nageezi Chapter (San Juan County, New Mexico)
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05/14/2019, 03:01 pm Leona Begay RDCAP-007-19.pdf