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Resolution Number
Legislation Number
Legislation Title
An Action Relating to Resources and Development; Confirming the Appointment of Mr. Kenneth Cooper to serve on the Navajo Nation Shopping Centers, Inc. Board of Directors for a term of three years
Legislation Description
If approved, this resolution will confirm the appointment of Mr. Kenneth Cooper to the Navajo Shopping Center Board of Directors for a three year term.
Date Uploaded By Document Title
11/05/2018, 10:25 am MNez ADMIN RDCO-82-18.pdf
10/24/2018, 10:09 am MNez ADMIN 0343-18.pdf
10/18/2018, 03:57 pm MNez ADMIN 0343-18.pdf
10/18/2018, 12:20 pm MNez ADMIN 0343-18.pdf