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Legislation Number
Legislation Title
An Action Relating To Budget And Finance And Naa’bik’iyati’ Committees And The Navajo Nation Council; Amending And Supplementing Resolution No. CJA-03-10 Of The Navajo Nation Council; Authorizing Swap Agreements In Connection With Swap Transactions To Hedge Energy Prices And To Manage Interest Rate Risk And Investment Risks; Approving A Swap Policy And Related Actions
Legislation Description
This resolution, if approved, will authorize the amendment and supplemental of Resolution no. CJA-03-10 and authorize a SWAP agreement and approve the SWAP policy.
Date Uploaded By Document Title
01/09/2019, 09:48 am MNez ADMIN 0056-15.pdf
01/09/2019, 09:47 am MNez ADMIN 0056-15.pdf