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An Action Relating to Resources and Development and Budget and Finance Committees; Approving changes in project funding in Resolution CAP-35-18; Approving changes in funding years for various Shiprock Chapter Projects approved by CAP-35-18
Legislation Description
Approving funding year changes to Shiprock Chapter projects which are listed in CAP-35-18 Exhibit D and Exhibit E.
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12/17/2019, 04:00 pm Leona Begay 0320-19.pdf
11/19/2019, 09:06 am Leona Begay 0320-19.pdf
11/19/2019, 09:05 am Leona Begay 0320-19.pdf
11/06/2019, 03:54 pm Leona Begay 0320-19.pdf
10/28/2019, 08:25 am Julissa Johnson 0320-19.pdf
10/22/2019, 06:24 pm Leona Begay 0320-19.pdf