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Resolution Number
Legislation Number
Legislation Title
An Action Relating to an Emergency for the Navajo Nation Council; Waiving 11 N.N.C § 3(C), Navajo Nation Primary Election Date; Setting July 30, 2024, as the 2024 Navajo Nation Primary Election Date for Year 2024 Only
Legislation Description
If, adopted, this legislation will set a date of July 30, 2024, for the Navajo Nation’s Primary Elections this year. This change is only for 2024 and will not carry-over to next year. The reason for the change is that the 2024 Navajo Nation Primary Election is on the same date as the 2024 Arizona Primary Election.
Date Uploaded By Document Title
03/19/2024, 05:01 pm Julissa Johnson CMA-13-24.pdf