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An Action Relating To Resources And Development; Approving The Grant Of Right-Of-Way To Navajo Division Of Transportation For The Birdsprings Road Project N71 (3) 2 & 4 Located On Navajo Nation Trust Lands In Tsidi To’ii Chapter (Navajo County And Coconino County, Arizona)
Legislation Description
If approved, this legislation would grant of right-of-way to the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Navajo Region, Division of Transportation, for the Birdsprings Road Project N71 (3) 2 & 4 on, over and across Navajo Nation Trust Lands in Tsidii To’ii Chapter vicinity (Navajo County and Coconino County, Arizona). The legislation would also approve waivers of valuation and compensation, 25 CFR § 169.110; waiver of the bond, insurance, or alternative form of security, 25 CFR § 169.103; waiver of due diligence, 25 CFR § 169.105 (c) (requires completion of construction of any permanent improvements within the schedule specified in the right-of-way grant); waiver of 25 CFR § 169.125 (c)(2) allowing the grantee rights to any of the products or resources of the land, including but not limited to , timber, forage, mineral, and animal resources. The legislation would also approve the right-of-way permitting construction of utilities within the right-of-way provided the utility company first obtain the consent from the Navajo Nation in writing if the utility is to enter and cross Navajo Nation land.
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09/12/2019, 11:40 am Julissa Johnson RDCJY-041-19.pdf