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Legislation Number
Legislation Title
An Action Relating to Resources and Development; Amending RDCD-109-18, to provide additional waivers to the approved the grant of right-of-way to Bureau of Indian Affairs for Upper Fruitland Chapter – Ojo Amarillo Road Project No. N101 (1) (2) 2&4, located on Navajo Nation Trust Lands in Upper Fruitland Chapter, Navajo Nation (San Juan County, New Mexico)
Legislation Description
Approving amendment of RDCD-109-18 which approved a right-of-way to the Bureau of Indian Affairs for the Ojo-Amarillo Road Project No. N101 (1) (2). These amendments include: a waiver of the due diligence provisions stated in 25 CFR § 169.105 (c); a waiver of 25 CFR § 169.125 (c) (2) thereby allowing the grantee rights to any of the products or resources of the land; and, to include construction of utilities within the right-of-way.
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06/11/2020, 05:27 pm Julissa Johnson RDCMY-15-20.pdf