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Resolution Number
Legislation Number
Legislation Title
An Action Relating to the Resources and Development Committee; Amending Resolution RDCAU-32-20 “Rescinding Resolution No. RDCD-105-18; and Approving the Grant of Right-of-Way and Leases to Arcadian Infracom, Located on Navajo Nation Trust Lands on the Navajo Nation (Utah, Arizona and New Mexico)” to Rescind the Navajo Nation’s Consent to the “Development Rights” Provision
Legislation Description
The purpose of this proposed resolution is to amend RDCAU-32-20 to rescind the Navajo Nation’s consent for “Development Rights” granted to Arcadian Infracom.
Date Uploaded By Document Title
02/02/2024, 04:18 pm Alfred MikeIII RDCJA-05-24.pdf