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Legislation Number
Legislation Title
An Action Relating to Resources and Development Committee; Approving a Reallocation of $1,790,553.82 in Cost Savings from Certain NTUA Powerline Projects in the Teec Nos Pos, Kinłichee, Klagetoh, Chiłchinbeto, and Wide Ruins Chapters, to New NTUA Projects, in Accordance with Section Four(B)(3) of CAP-35-18
Legislation Description
To approve a reallocation of $1,790,553.82 in cost savings from NTUA powerline projects funded and approved for NTUA under CAP-35-18; said funds will be used for new NTUA projects in the same five chapters, or in the Council District of the same four Delegates, in accordance with Section FOUR(B)(3) of CAP-35-18.
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04/07/2023, 09:56 am Julissa Johnson RDCAP-03-23.pdf