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An Action Relating to an Emergency; Authorizing Chapters to Continue to Conduct Official Business Through a Quorum of Three (3) Registered Chapter Members; Limiting Chapter Business to COVID-19 Matters, the Navajo Nation Emergency Declaration, Budget Authorizations, and Additional Topics Approved on a Case-By-Case Basis by the Division Director of the Division of Community Development in Consultation with the Navajo Department of Justice; Directing the Chapters to Provide the Public with a Telephonic and/or Video-Conferencing Call-in Numbers Allowing the Navajo People to Participate in their Chapter Meetings; and Re-enacting Resolution CAP-19-20 Sections Three, Four, Five, Seven, and Nine Authorizations That Assist the Chapter to Provide Services to their Communities in a Safe Manner
Legislation Description
The purpose of this legislation to authorize the Chapters to continue to conduct official business through a quorum of three (3) registered Chapter members which may be just Chapter officials; official business is to be limited to Chapter business directly related to COVID-19 matters, the Navajo Nation Emergency Declaration, budget authorizations and approvals, and additional topics; Chapters are to provide the Chapter public with a telephonic and/or video-conferencing number so that the public may participate in their Chapter meeting; and, re-enacting resolution CAP-19-20 Sections three, four, five, seven, and nine authorizations that assist the chapter to provide services to their communities in a safe manner.
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01/19/2022, 11:12 am Julissa Johnson CJA-01-22.PDF