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An Action Relating to the Health, Education and Human Services, the Budget and Finance, the Resources and Development, and the Naabik’íyáti’ Committees, and the Navajo Nation Council; Approving $2,750,000 from the Unreserved, Undesignated Fund Balance (“UUFB”) for the 110 Chapters’ Summer 2024 Youth Employment Programs; Waiving 12 N.N.C. §820(E), §820(F), §820(J), and §820(L) to Allow use of UUFB Funds for Recurring Expenses; Waiving 12 N.N.C. §820(O) to Allow an Equal Distribution of $25,000 to each Chapter
Legislation Description
To approve $2,750,000 from the UUFB for the 110 Chapters ($25,000 to each Chapter) for their Summer 2024 Youth Employment Programs.
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