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An Action Relating to an Emergency; Approving Waivers of the Land User Consent Requirements Within the Navajo Nation’s Homesite Lease Regulations, Resolution No. RDCO-74-16, so that Homesite Lease Applicants can Expedite Their Homesite Lease Applications During this State of Emergency Due to the COVID-19 Virus; Waivers to be for a Limited Time; and Compensation and Due Process Pursuant to 16 N.N.C. §§ 1402 et seq. Shall be Afforded to Land Users Who Have Not Consented to the Use of Their Navajo Land for Homesite Leases
Legislation Description
This resolution, if approved, will waive grazing permittee consent requirements for homesite lease applications until COVID-19 State of Emergency is lifted. Grazing permittees who do not consent will be compensated.
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01/07/2022, 09:59 am Julissa Johnson 0001-22.PDF