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Legislation Number
Legislation Title
An Action Relating to Resources and Development; Approving the grant of Right-of-Way to Bureau of Indian Affairs for Upper Fruitland Chapter - Ojo Amarillo Road Project No. N101(1)(2) 2 & 4, located on Navajo Nation Trust Lands in Upper Fruitland Chapter, Navajo Nation (San Juan County, New Mexico); approving a waiver of valuation and consideration; and approving a waiver of bond, insurance, or alternative form of security
Legislation Description
If approved, this resolution will approves the Grant of Right-of-Way to the Bureau of Indian Affairs Division of Transportation, on, over and across Navajo Nation Trust Lands in Upper Fruitland Chapter vicinity, San Juan County, New Mexico. The resolution will also waive valuation, compensation, and the requirement for a bond, insurance or alternative form of security on the part of the Grantee.
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01/16/2019, 09:27 am MNez ADMIN RDCD-109-18.pdf