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Legislation Number
Legislation Title
An Action Relating to Resources and Development and Naabik’íyáti Committees; Rescinding Resolution NABIJA-05-20 “Opposing H.R. 2181 and S. 1079, ‘The Chaco Heritage Area Protection Act of 2019’, Until Such Time as the Buffer Zone Surrounding Chaco Cultural National Historical Park is Reduced to Five (5) Miles;” Opposing the Withdrawal of Approximately 351,000 Acres of Public Land Surrounding Chaco Canyon
Legislation Description
The purpose of this resolution is to: 1. Rescind Resolution NABIJY-05-20 2. Oppose a buffer zone around Chaco Canyon, and to 3. Oppose the withdrawal of public land around Chaco Canyon.
Date Uploaded By Document Title
05/02/2023, 12:15 pm Julissa Johnson NABIAP-11-23.pdf