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An Action Relating to the Resource and Development Committee; Approving the Grant of Right-of-Way and Temporary Construction Easement to Lybrook Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association to Construct, Operate and Maintain the Water System Improvement Project Located on Navajo Nation Trust Lands in Nageezi Chapter (Rio Arriba County, New Mexico); Waiving Consideration and the Valuation Requirement Pursuant to Title 25 Code of Federal Regulations Section 169.110 (a)
Legislation Description
The purpose of this legislation is to grant approval for a right-of-way and temporary construction easement to Lybrook Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association to construct , operate and maintain a water pipeline project in the Nageezi Chapter that will improve water quality in the community and to grant a waiver of consideration for this right-of-way and temporary construction easement, along with a waiver of the valuation requirement pursuant to 25 C.F.R § 169.110 (a).
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