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Legislation Number
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An Action Relating to the Resources and Development Committee; Approving the Navajo Nation Fiscal Recovery Funds, Division of Community Development (DCD)- Community Housing and Infrastructure Department (CHID), "DCD/CHID ARPA Housing Application and Eligibility Criteria"
Legislation Description
Resolution CJN-29-22, Section Ten, Subsection D states: “The eligibility criteria for receiving services under the Housing Projects assigned to CHID shall be approved by the Resources and Development Committee by resolution and shall include equal distribution by Delegate Region.” The purpose of this legislation is to approve the Division of Community Development, Community Housing and Infrastructure, “DCD/CHID APRPA Housing Application and Eligibility Criteria,” at pages one and two, Sections I through VI, of EXHIBIT A.
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05/28/2024, 04:21 pm Jamie Vandever RDCMY-19-24.pdf