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Legislation Number
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An Act Relating to the Budget and Finance Committee; Approving the Termination of the UBS Trumbull Property Fund as the Navajo Nation’s Investment Manager, and Approving the Liquidation of the Navajo Nation’s Assets in the Permanent Fund and the Síhasin Fund that are Currently Managed by the UBS Trumbull Property Fund
Legislation Description
In accordance with the recommendations of the Investment Committee and the Nation’s investment consultant, this Legislation would approve the termination of UBS as the Nation’s investment manager for the Permanent Fund and the Síhasin Fund, and approving the Nation’s liquidation of its assets in these Funds, and the placement of the assets in a temporary investment account.
Date Uploaded By Document Title
05/05/2022, 12:01 pm Julissa Johnson BFAP-14-22.PDF