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Resolution Number
Legislation Number
Legislation Title
An Action Relating to Resources and Development and Budget and Finance Committees; Approving a Change in Exhibit D to Resolution No. CAP-35-18 for Coyote Canyon Chapter by Deleting Certain Projects and Purchases and Approving the Use of Funds for the Purchase of New Equipment and for the Chapter Parking Lot/Landscape Project Instead
Legislation Description
Purpose of this Legislation: to Approve a Change in CAP-35-18 Exhibit D, to Allow for Deletion of Four Items on Exhibit D for Coyote Canyon Chapter, and to Allow Use of the Funds for 2 New Equipment Purchases by the Chapter and for the Chapter Waterline Extension Project.
Date Uploaded By Document Title
01/26/2022, 04:40 pm Valentina Redhorse BFD-38-21.pdf