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Legislation Number
Legislation Title
An Action Relating to an Emergency for the Navajo Nation; Opposing Arizona Senate Bills 1485, "An Act Amending Sections 16-168, 16-245, 16-411, 16-461, 16-510 and 16-544, Arizona Revised Statutes Relating to Elections"; Urging Governor Doug Ducey to Veto the Bill
Legislation Description
This resolution, if adopted, would oppose Arizona State Bills "AN ACT AMENDING SECTIONS 16-168, 16-245, 16-411, 16-461, 16-510 AND 16-544, ARIZONA REVISED STATUTES RELATING TO ELECTIONS." Essentially, the bill if signed into law, will remove voters from early voter lists for not voting early in two consecutive elections. The resolution would urge Governor Doug Ducey to veto the bill.
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05/26/2021, 11:23 am Valentina Redhorse CMY-32-21.pdf