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Legislation Details

Resolution Number
Legislation Number
Legislation Title
An Action Relating to Naabik’íyáti; Committee; Supporting 49th State of New Mexico First Session Laws 2009 Chapter 15, Senate Bill 196, as Amended, with Emergency Clause Title “An Act Relating to Governmental affairs; Enacting the State-Tribal Collaboration Act; Requiring State-Tribal Collaboration and Communication; Declaring an Emergency”
Legislation Description
The purpose of the resolution is to support New Mexico Senate Bill 196, as amended which was enacted to promote effective communication and collaboration between the state agency and Indian Nations, Tribes or Pueblos; promoted positive government-to-government relations between the State and Indian Nations, Tribes, or Pueblos; promoted cultural competency in providing effective services to American Indians or Alaska Natives; and established a method for notifying employees of the State agency of the provisions of the State-Tribal Collaboration Act and the policy that the State agency adopted pursuant to the Senate Bill 196
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02/19/2019, 11:36 am Leona Begay NABIF-07-19.pdf